Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t find an answer to your question listed below, please contact us directly at (614) 485-9410.

  • Can you re-use panels that have blown off my house?

    As long as your panels weren’t damaged when they blew off we can re-use them

  • Do you replace glass?

    No, but we can recommend several local companies that can.

  • What are my options if my siding has been discontinued?

    We can attempt to match it with the next closest thing or provide you with a free estimate to re-side the area in question.

  • Do you service gutters?

    No, but we do work closely with a few local companies who can.

  • Will you repair our siding even though we had someone else do the work originally?


  • Can you replace bad wood or bad sheathing?

    Yes we can.

  • Do you repair roofs?


  • Can a panel of siding be replaced in the middle of the wall?

    Yes as long as the same product and profile are available.

  • Will the color of the new panel match the existing?

    No, generally siding that has been exposed to the elements will look a bit more dull & faded than a new panel, however we may be able to take a panel from another inconspicuous area of your home and use it to make the repair…then replace that panel with the new one.

  • Is there any charge for an estimate?

    No…all estimates are FREE!

  • Will you come out for just one panel?

    Most definitely…no job is too small!

  • How long will it be before I hear back from someone?

    Someone from our office will call you within one business day to discuss your concerns.

  • Once we’ve accepted your bid, how long will it be until my repair is completed?

    Product availability & weather conditions will determine scheduling.

  • Will you work with my insurance company?


  • Do you service windows & doors?

    Not unless we installed them originally.

  • Do you accept credit cards?

    Yes! We accept credit

  • What are your payment terms?

    All Service work is performed on a COD basis.

  • Do you do repairs year round?

    Yes, as long as weather conditions permit.

  • Are you licensed & insured?

    Absolutely (Certificates available upon request).

  • Will I need to be home in order to get my repair completed?

    Typically no.

  • Is there anything you can do to temporarily fix a situation pending insurance approval?

    Yes or we could give you ideas on how to do it yourself.

  • Do you power wash siding?

    Not at this time.

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